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Re: Ethernet over Copper (Hatteras and Sonicwall TZ 180)

My SonicWall is assigned a static IP address. Again, when I have my laptop connected to the Hatteras, the speed is 5/5. but when it's connected to my SonicWall, it's 4/1! I can't figure it out!

Charleston, WV
I would contact sonic wall support, since this seems to be a problem with the tz180 you could setup a small machine with pfSense or m0n0wall that will do everything your sonic wall is running.

Have you tried disabling all non essential features in the tz180?
Are you connecting via wireless to the tz180 or via ethernet to the tz180 to your laptop?


Your deep packet inspection firewall Sonicwall TZ 180 may not have the processing power to handle the higher bandwidth (just a guess). Do you have another router/firwall to try on the connection?


I forgot to mention that the Hatteras equipment on your site can be configured to generate traffic towards you Sonicwall TZ 180. If the connection is 10Mbps/full, it can generate 10/Mbps of bandwidth toward you. If you can capture the rate on your side of the TZ, you might be able to tell if it is slowing things down in the downstream direction.