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"I Know Noting..."

Westminster, MD
reply to DarnellP

Re: A million here, a million there

said by DarnellP:

said by old_dawg:

Sprint has no problem (and a long history of) shoveling cubic dollars into black holes. ION anyone?

You seem to be fond of bringing up ION. However, if Sprint had such a long history of shoveling money into black holes as you say, can't you come up with other examples? Btw, ION was shut down in what, 2001? That's dangerously close to a decade ago. Isn't it about time to let that dead horse rest in peace?

No. because that dead horse cost 5 billion, plus the Gary Forsee fiasco, started the free fall. You would have had to been there on the inside to understand.
"Our network engineers are aware of the problem..."


Las Vegas, NV
Even so, it was nearly a DECADE ago, Forsee is long since gone. What really is the point in continuing to bring up ION at this juncture?