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Immortal. Eternal.
Bellevue, NE
reply to Archivis

Re: [game] Hashshashin in the Palace REWIND


Hi there
Lachine, QC
reply to Archivis
Bah, everyone wants to assassinate me! And all I wanted was some spice

Trust Your Doctor
All the guards were having a good time quietly chatting and sipping champagne in the throne room. Antonica was laughing at a joke, then suddenly turned brazenly serious and with a yell whipped out a knife and stabbed Archivis. The guards were so stunned they flinched and didn't move for a second too long. Howling with dying agony and rage at being stabbed unawares, Archivis gathered all his last strength and with a loud cry of "SCREW YOU ALL" lept upon ekster and plunged a hidden blade deep into his skull, and they both fell to the ground dead. Nobody moved a muscle for at least 10 minutes. Finally King Kristopher broke the silence with "Well that's that" and everyone walked away.


Assassin - Archivis
You are the latest, greatest of the Assassin's guild. They have been suffering heavy losses as of late(not to mention the whole nuclear incident) so they have decided that more subtle methods are needed in killing the king unawares. Along with your usual shot you get two more methods. You can try to kill the king with an exploding cigar, which has a 25% chance of success. If it fails, the guards will trace it back to you after 3 lynchings. You can also poison the king's wine, which has a 50% chance of success. However if this fails the guards will trace it back to you after 1 lynching.

You can only use one of those two options along with your shot. You win by killing the king.

Crazed Patriot - Antonica
You have heard there is an assassin in the realm, and in your passionate burning nationalistic love for King Kristopher See Profile, have taken up an ancient rusty dagger from the kitchen cabinent and gone to hunt down and this vile creature yourself. Anytime during the game you can stab and kill anyone, however if that person is not the assassin the guards will think YOU are the assassin and kill you instantly. You cannot let slip your role, since you have snuck in disguised as a guard, and if they know you are not one of them they will kill you for the same reason. You win if the king survives the game.

King - Kristopher
You have heard there is an assassin in the realm again. You have donned your normal guard disguise, but growing tired of just being a helpless target you have armed yourself with a sword this time around. At any time in the game you may lash out in a surprise decapitation attack on someone. If you manage to hit the assassin himself, he will not get his normal after death shot since you took him by surprise. However, if you kill someone who is not the assassin, you will be instantly killed by him. Choose your target wisely. You win by surviving the game.

Guard - ekster, Meningitis, tmodelt, ProtusMose
You are part of King Kristopher See Profile's private guard. You know an assassin is among you, and you must find him quickly. You win if the king survives the game.

Your Daddy