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Got Clearwire Today

Clear just launched yesterday in cincy and i like testing new technology so i ordered it up about an hour after getting the mailer yesterday (free month so i'll try it)

Out of box...plugged into wall....was up in running in about 3-5 mins litterally. I live within throwing distance (1/2 a mile or so) of 2 towers....Speedtest on speakeasy and speedtest.net are ranging from 9mbps-19mbps and i'm capped @ 1mbps up.

This service (assuming those speeds stay there) is a great product for those on the go. I don't think it's yet in the ballpark to be comparable with the Cable service around here who is overing 20mbps for a slightly higher price and is obviously more reliable. I've done a lot of reading up on 4g and WiMax II and LTE.... and i must say i'm impressed, we are no where near what this technology is capable of here in the states (overseas it does 300mbps down and 75up) but it's a great start.
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