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Cincinnati, OH

And people disagreed with me...

When I said on a UBB post about a month ago when I said that this was GOING to happen and I was mocked that people should take care of their security. I'll make my point again.

Usage based billing/caps and overages cannot be billed like other utilities (natural gas, water, electric) because those are very easy to secure and it's very obvious to a property owner when those utilities are being stolen (gee, I wonder why there's an extension cord going from my porch to my neighbor's house). Further, I challenge anybody to find a way to use my water from 5000 miles away. On the internet, I can use your bandwidth from anywhere in the world without any obvious signs that it's being done.

I know a few of you idiots think that you're so special and have enterprise level security on your home network connection. More power to you, however it's categorically unreasonable to assume that every internet user will have the ability, time or inclination to go to the same measures and expense.

For all of you folks who think that every internet user should be responsible for anything that happens on their connection (whether they caused it or not), what's an acceptable level of security for the average person? Automatic updates on all PC's, wifi router with WPA2 and a sworn promise not to open emails that have the subject "I love you"? Because even in that case, what happens when there is an OS glitch that downloads a trojan ad from a legitimate website (see: AMD Forums, Doubleclick, etc.)?

Where I see this going is we'll see the same story here five times a week that we see on international data plans, where somebody runs up a $10,000 bill and this time it'll be through relatively no fault of their own. Because there are far more broadband users than heavy mobile data users, I think this will be such a common occurrence that the government will get involved on some level, creating some insane "to protect the children from the big bad ISP" law, which will have unintended consequences I don't even want to begin to ponder.


When this user based billing really takes hold hundreds will be seen with laptops sitting outside apartment buildings in the summer months looking for unsecured routers.