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Getting MORE Than The Advertised Speed!!!

You must live in an anomoly area... If you have the proper wiring in your house and an updated line from the street, then you should be good. Most of the people whining they have bad service are the ones that have wiring from 30 years ago in the house and don't want to pay to have it replaced, or they buy their cable wire at the dollar store and the splitters from Radio Shack. News flash... it MATTERS what wiring people use. And the modems here on Long Island are DOCSIS 3.0 modems, not 5 yr old modems. Cablevision is one of the few companies to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 across most of their footprint. I have Optimum Boost, which is advertised at 30Mbps downstream. As you can see... my speedtest shows 31,506 Mbsp... but I HAVE proper wiring and an updated line from the street. Enjoy your Fios. Hope you enjoy the bill in a year as well.

Yonkers, NY
»/speedtests/94 ··· 79/14406

After 1rst and only service call in 10 years
90% of that speed is from ool tech
Old c2d 333x6=2000 stays at 31m if I raise it to 500x8=4000mhz i get 33-37m down.
Win 7 64 tweaked netsh gig switch 8 year old router pci-e intel nics on i7 1356 with 4000uncore {level 3 cache} also helps
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