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This is a sub-selection from Unusual Experience

Wyoming guy

reply to thomasdietri

Re: (NOT!) Unusual Experience

This is not an unusual experience. I am not in an extended area and REGULARLY have 512 to 600 kbps download speeds. This is not acceptable. I was told by customer service that I just need to put up with this speed "until all our servers are upgraded" and that the download speeds are "in range and acceptable for the 5 mbps plan."
I dont expect to get 5 mbps - but expect faster speeds than 500-600 kbps.
Time to switch. My 3G cell phone is faster than this.


Hamilton, OH

I agree with the poor performance. I am getting the same thing. Up until 2 months ago I have had good luck (for 9 years) with zoomtown. Now my connection is regularly sub 1mb/s.

My guess is hat they have not kept up with demand in the area. From 3pm until 3am I see the most slowness. Probably when the kids get home from school in the neighborhood and start streaming Netflix.

Its so bad I can't even rely on it anymore to VPN into work, which was the whole point I got DSL 9 years ago.

Techs on the phone know nothing. repeatedly ask the same questions. What modem do you have? do yo have filters on your telephones.


I have had the same setup for 9 years except 1 year ago I upgraded my wireless router. Now 2 months ago I start getting issues and its my setup!!!

and I do concur with those that state the 768k to 5mb/s range. They told me that and I laughed. I too do not expect 5mb/s. I do expect above 3mb/s all the time. Otherwise do not advertise it as 5mb/s advertise it as 3mb/s or less.


This is a sub-selection from Unusual Experience