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Re: Ethernet over Copper (Hatteras and Sonicwall TZ 180)

I put a switch in the middle of the hatteras and the Sonicwall, with the SonicWall using Auto Nego and it's getting around 5/5!

I'm not sure if it's becuase I have a standard switch between the hatteras and Sonicwall, but the quality of service is not so good. During normal traffic, when I do a continuous ping to www.google.com, I would get a consistently timeout every 20 or so pings. The ping request time is usually ~10 ms which is good.

Additionally when I was downloading something remotely from the server (which is on the speakeasy line), it was destroying the download bandwidth for the speaskeasy line while the upload speed was around 2 meg.

If I was downloading something on speakeasy line, I should be using the upload bandwidth right but is it rendering the download speed to a point that it is unuseable. When this happens and I ping www.google.com, I would get one or two timeout every 10 pins and the response time goes up to 50 and 100 ms.

Any ideas? Speakeasy support is of no help.

Charleston, WV
I would change out the sonicwall, and go with a differnt type of router Maybe a Cisco or setup a old machine as a router/firewall.

I think this may be your issue.