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4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI

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Re: [ID?] Getting to know you part 2

Not much different for me than when I responded last time, but having not looked at that thread in some time, I forgot what I said. I will let you all decide if anything has changed.

I grew up in the Midwest, land of cold and snow, Summers so short that if you blinked you'd miss them, mosquitoes so large they could be ridden, and in short, a place I am most happy to be away from. I grew up being a total 'jock' spending most of my time, even throughout much of my adulthood, enjoying all things athletic. I also grew up with a camera in my hand, starting with a Brownie Box Camera. My father had a darkroom in our basement, and I spent many a joyful hour there, learning from him.

While indulging in athletics, I also compromised my body way too much, being an active part of all things male. There was no such thing as organized, female sport's teams when I was in my prime. I also dabbled in painting and lots of other art work but only for fun and relaxation...just as I do now. With all the years of doing things to and with my body that wasn't supposed to be, I finally succumbed to many operations and then a knee replacement. That was followed by a hip replacement, and that was followed by major repair to my back which is still disintegrating.

I did work for some time in the field of education in an Adapted PE program in a large, elementary district in our State. Of course, that was most interesting in that I continued to learn about people, young ones, through serving some of those who could not manage a regular classroom experience. Adapted PE was in its early conception at the time, but it still works the same way and is part of a school curriculum that allows a child a different experience that ultimately helps them back in the classroom. At the time, I worked in a pool/gym setting with lots of hugging and things that many of the kids in the program never had at home. When too much time was taken up by Federal rules and paperwork, I went back to my roots, more athletics. I played racquetball!

Presently, due to being mostly immobile, I was finally talked into trying a digital camera by one of our old time DSLReports members, Climbers. Thanks to him, I am once again enjoying photography and learning all over again. (My father would be in heaven to be around these days. What fun he and I would be sharing once more.) While I will never be a pro, I enjoy my work being used in a business owned by my daughter. I would enjoy the photography even just for myself, which more often than not, it is. And I continue to learn here and on other sites.

Life is good though a whole lot shorter than it used to be. Now, I shall tag SueS.

Age is a very high price to pay for my maturity. If I can't stay young, I can at least stay immature!


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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said by jaykaykay:

While I will never be a pro, I enjoy my work being used in a business owned by my daughter.

Pardon my interruption, I have observed your work over the years and it is well into the level of what I and I am sure many others consider professional.

A tree full of trained monkeys have my back.

4 Ever Young

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Everyone loves a compliment! Thank you. Have you had your eyes checked lately. But, thank you again so much.