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Why bother?
Houston, TX

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Re: [ID?] Getting to know you part 2

Howdy all.
Well, I'm 45 years old, married with 6 children (5 girls, 1 boy) and 1 grandson with another on the way.
I live in Houston with my wonderful wife. I'm originally from Kansas and have been in Houston 3 years. No, I do not miss winter.
Photography has been a hobby since I got my first camera when I was 10 (old Kodak Brownie). I've yet to make the transition to DSLR mostly due to funds but I do have fun with my Kodak Easyshare.
I love editing photos, I'm not the greatest at it but I do have fun. My preferred program is Paint Shop Pro (I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 but just like PSP better)
My wife and I are avid fishermen (made a trip to Bass Pro just today). Love to fish the Gulf of Mexico.
I'm a veteran. 2 years Kansas Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer and 4 years USAF as an aircraft refueling spec. Spent 2 1/2 years at Ramstein AB, Germany. Some day I'll get all the 35mm film shots I took while there scanned in.
My professional life is IT. I've been using computers since 1979 and have been making a living out of it since 2000 including owning my own computer business.
Well, that's enough rambling for now.

Nice redfish

I'm tagging GeekGirl1 next
sthhjkjhyfdfhuyjhhyjgrfffgfhgjuhyk sorry there was a spider on the keyboard. i think i got it

Morrisville, PA

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Thanks. Like DownTheShore, I'll remain mostly a Mystery Woman. I would prefer not to post any pictures of myself. Bad attitude? No, I have an employer that data mines every bit of the internet for any association between me and my employer. I also like to remain somewhat private.

I'm born, bred, and live in the Philadelphia PA (Philly) area. I've been interested in photography since high school, which was back in the early 70's. I started out with a Haminex Praktica TL SLR, developing Tri-X.

My interests have always been with nature, structure, and geometry. Any critter that skitters across the floor, or I encounter outside, is fair game. I really love nature and attempt to capture those beautiful outdoor experiences.

I have very little interest in photographing people, which is why I probably have next to no pictures of myself- only by accident because someone else took the picture.

I'll tag usa2k See Profile next.

Westland, MI

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I'm a Canadian - been living in the USA since '96.
usa2k was the first domain I bought in 2000.
Picture: »[Chat] Grand Kids are so great!

I'll tag Dominokat See Profile

Boothbay, ME

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Well this is different and very unexpected!
I am a native "Mainer" born and (mostly) raised here.
I first stumbled on to BBR when I was using DirecWay (Now Hughesnet) looking for help with that. Now I no longer use that service. But as I prowled this sight, I found some forums that grabbed my attention. I discovered »Digital Imaging, which prompted me to post my very first "edit" of an image. ( »/showp ··· 7431&1=1 )

Since then, I have been playing with "C/E" in »Avatar/Graphics Help

It is fun to play and manipulate images!
So now, I pass the baton to .... to be determined!

De Queen, AR
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Boothbay, ME

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Lets try this again .............. It is fun to play and manipulate images!
So now, I pass the baton to .... caffeinator See Profile

Santa Fe
Living With Diabetes.
Freight Yard

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said by badd:

SantaFe has already been tagged choose someone else.

Yeah, and I STILL haven't been able to get it off!
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