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Using MIFI for Dishnetwork Remote Access

Being an Rv'er and traveling all of the time, I find my MIFI card a great asset. I receive my satellite service via Dishnetwork and am interested in their TV Everywhere program. By connecting a USB wireless adapter to the Dish receiver, one can connect to the internet access provided by a router. I believe that my MIFI is considered a wifi hotspot and that the wireless adapter can connect to the internet via my MIFI connection which states it can connect up to 5 devices. Has anyone with Dish attempted to do this yet? Is the speed of the Mifi fast enough? Any input would be helpful.



I doubt it'd be fast enough (unless you have access to 4G) and even if it was, you'd probably need an unlimited plan anyway (such as through Virgin Mobile or Millenicom) to handle that amount of data.


Pleasant Grove, UT
reply to Rver

I doubt you would get the speeds you need to actually stream videos, and using about 1 GB for each movie will suck up your 5 GB limit (if you have one) pretty quickly.