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Golden Valley, AZ

siemens gigaset SE567 & Sony Blu Ray player

Our DSL/Phone provider is Frontier and we are using a wireless Siemens Gigaset SE567. The Blue Ray player is a Sony BDP-BX57.

It connects to our network and accepts our network password but it fails to connect to the Internet... says it has to do with the DHCP settings.

I have read and read until I am totally confused... is there a solution to get this working?

Frontier will not help unless we get the $12/month Piece of Mind protection with a year commitment or disconnect fee... but they cannot guarantee they can solve this problem for us...

Any help would be great!!


I have the same problem. connects to network but won't connect to Internet. Sony's support so far has been a waste of time. A waste of a lot of time. Frontier, though, has spent more than a hour on the phone with me trying different options. Even called me back after thinking the situation thru and tried some other options. Still no Internet.

I even ran a cat5 cable to the s570 with the same results.

I am guessing it is somewhere in the router setting.

I have disabled the firewall, disabled the DHCP, manually put in the gateway IP etc., very frustrating... I'm thinking of taking the player back to Costco and getting a different brand... Maybe it would set up differently...

Any help would be extremely appreciated.



reply to baylor13
I finally was able to connect after I connected an old netgear wireless router I had laying around. I had all of the same problems posted before. I don't know why this worked but it did.


reply to baylor13
I have an insignia blu Ray player and I'm having the same exact problems. I have the same router and Frontier server. I have tried EVERYTHING that you mentioned and then some and cannot connect. Has anyone had any other luck, b/c I am so frustrated. Frontier cannot help. Insignia is blaming Frontier. Frontier is blaming Insignia. Netflix is pointing th efinger at everyone else and I'm sick and tired of it.

any help would be great!!!!!!!


Did you ever get it working? I'm having the same problem.


I believe the issue has to do with the Siemens routers not being compatible with certain devices, for some reason. I have a Sony BDP570 with Wi-Fi and had the same issues as those discussed above, I hooked up a Linksys router off the Siemens and low and behold, problem solved. It sucks you have to tag another router off your ISP's, but it doesn't sound like it is just Sony BluRay issues either, being that someone with an Insignia player had the same issue. A rather annoying problem, but hope this helps others having the same one.

Anon 1234

This is what I figured out. For whatever reason Frontier, or other DSL providers for that matter, just does NOT work with the Sony. Broadband Cable Internet works fine, but Companies like Frontier and Verizon just don't work


Erwinna, PA
reply to ZBot
I am having the same problem. I bought a linksys E2000 and bridged it to the Siemens router but the Sony blue ray does not connect to the internet. What did you do to the SIemens router? Did you reset and turn off the DHCP??? Any help would be appreciated.