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[connectivity] What steps to take with intermittent disconnectio

Hello All,

I currently have fair point DSL, and when it is running fine i am happy with it as i use it mostly for browsing.

At this moment i am getting 1.31 down and .36 upload which is what i was told to expect.

The problem is, some days it simply wont stay connected. Sunday for instance, it would stay connected for 15 minutes and then cut out for an hour. Most of the time the DSL light is on, but the internet light isn't.

The DSL modem is a Westell 7500.

I have already contacted them twice, and both times fairpoint asked when someone would be home, and both times i told them after 4pm, and both times the tech showed up at noon upset that no one was home.

When i spoke to the tech because he called my cell, he told me the first thing they would do is slow my speed down. I find this kind of hard to believe since both my neighbors have fairpoint DSL, and neither are experiencing the same problems.

So, what steps should i take to log the incident the next time service cut outs? I am afraid they are simply going to slow my speed down becuase it involves the least amount of trouble shooting.

Thanks guys!

Kirby Smith

Derry, NH
·Fairpoint Commun..

Re: [connectivity] What steps to take with intermittent disconne

o Make sure that all your POTS telephones are filtered from the DSL frequencies. This can be done by individual filters (usually suppled by the phone company) or by a single unit that separates POTS from DSL.

o Make sure that all your premises wiring from the external interface block to the the modem is in good condition with no corrosion or seriously oxidized copper. Clean the insect litter out of the external interface assembly.

o Put an oscilloscope on the phone line and observe how much noise there is relative to the DSL frequencies on good days and bad days. (I never had to do this, so I can't relate values to look for.) The modem may be able to report signal-to-noise ratio.

o If all else fails, switch to GWI if they have a presence in your town. Then if there are problems they can demand Fairpoint check the lines out. I assume that the rules requiring colocation still are active.

Now dual WAN on Fairpoint FAST (ex Verizon FiOS)
Formerly dual WAN on Verizon and GWI DSL

Milford, NH
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·G4 Communications
reply to Penfizzle
Take a look at modem stats, that will tell you if you are connecting at the correct speed, margin, and number of disconnects.

The problem may not be losing the DSL signal itself but problem maintaining the PPPoE session. There should be some sort of log - that may give you an idea of the root cause of the problem.