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Blue Rock, OH

In LTE service area

I am currently working in a LTE area with my new LTE modem. If Verizon Wireless upgrades the whole footprint with this technology I will be a happy camper. The pages are lightning fast and very snappy! I did a speed check on it and my downloads are around 15mbs Down and 4.5mbs up. The latacy is still a little over 100ms but I dont care it is still 3 times faster than what the hotel wi-fi can give me. I will update this posting when I will get this service at home. By the way I am in Borea, OH by Cleveland Int'l airport with this test. The cell site I have in my township were I live in Blue Rock, OH also has Time Warner Cable fiber running into it so when the cell site ever does get upgraded to it I should see the same speed I am getting around Cleveland.