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Hamilton, OH
reply to attitude pro

Re: Something to try

I agree. I get poor performance 1mb/s or less during peak times. Only started happening since post Thanksgiving though. I have done tests all hrs. of the day. Post 3am until about 2-3pm its usually good (better than 3mb/s).

I have run the Zoomtown test (which only tests to their head) and Speedtest.net test and DSL report test. DSL Reports and Speed Test.net usually are close to each other . Zoomtown is always high. BUT, when they are slow (less than 1mb/s they are all less than that).

Over 3 weeks since I have been calling "tech" support and no one seems to know whats wrong. Have another "line tech" or whatever scheduled to some out on the 12th. Post that if the connection is still all over the place I'll have to get another provider.

Simple trace routes and the line test from DSL report show that there is a core router loosing 30% of the packets but Cinci bell ensures me that is not the problem and it must be in my line.

okey dokey
This is a sub-selection from Something to try