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This is a sub-selection from Something to try


Englewood, OH
reply to DeathK

Re: Something to try

If you are in Montgomery Cty, you are not on CinBell's lines. Your lines are provided by another carrier or central office. Parts are Frontier (nee Verizon) owned. CinBell pays them to carry the DSL over their copper.

Keep running the line quality tests on dslreports here to see where the slowdown steps are in the ping times.

I'm on a Frontier central office and the slowdown at times is a Fuse switch step or server which is Zoomtown's old name.


Hamilton, OH
same here. my slowdown is at:

4 * 86 ms 20 ms 10ge1-4.sw2.core.fuse.net []

Is this by chance the same switch you are having issues with?


I've had this same problem since Oct. 2010 I live in Eastgate Woods and I've ran multiple tracert's and this switch is the same one I've had problems with. Cinbell says that that switch prioritizes all traffic over ICMP thats why it looks to be loosing packets and times out during traces. I don't believe it but what can we do. I've had 10 techs to my place and the last one said that if moving me from one circuit to another to just move that would be the only way to fix my problem.

10ge1-2.sw2.core.fuse.net 47%

This is a line test I ran back at the end of Jan. but yep nothing wrong here.
This is a sub-selection from Something to try