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Blue Springs, MO

Great info

Thanks for the information about your transition, especially the billing problems. I'm also interested in "upgrading" from ATT DSL to Uverse internet, but was just on the phone with an ATT rep that told me I couldn't go from ATT DSL to Uverse internet only, that I'd be required to subscribe to Uverse TV, too. I told him that I spoke with a rep 2 days ago who said I could, and the ATT website shows I could order it a la cart, but he said they were both wrong. After this frustrating experience, I'm ready to give Comcast internet a try and switch the phone to Ooma.


hi there.
i used to work for uverse and im telling you now that YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE of uverse internet service alone through different set up.They call it ipdslam hsia only. They offer self install kit for internet subscriber only. what you need to be certain about is if uverse is really available in your area. what i suggest that you do is better yet talk to tech support first since they pretty much now exactly how the set up will go before you spoke with their sales department. So you will be enlighten. Again ask for tier 1 or tier 2 support before talking to sales ok.