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Valparaiso, IN

Help with recording calls off of ISDN

One of my clients is an answering service which uses Amtelco's Infinity. At this point, most of their operators work from home by dialing into numbers that are on the ISDN (each has a specific number). They have a Datalogger call recorder which was used to record operators when they worked from the office and they have tasked me with finding a way to use it to record remote operators. As far as I can tell, the datalogger can accept 32 analog pairs, and the ISDN seems to go all the way to the Infinity server. The datalogger guy told me all that is need is a channel bank, but I don't think that's right (though I'm not really knowledgeable regarding ISDN). I think I need a way to convert the ISDN to 8 seperate analog lines to punch at the datalogger, but can't seem to find what I need. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Somehow you would have to get the recording back to analog (it's digital going thru the PRI ISDN) and a channel bank typically does this but not with a Primary rate ISDN Span (PRI). To complicate matters you would have to record all channels on the PRI since you can't be sure which channel is being used for operator audio. The customer may be able to buy analog cards to loop the audio through (2 ports per operator) then you could connect the analog interface to a point where you loop the audio.
The better solution is a different recording device though.


Valparaiso, IN
reply to itgbryan
Yeah, been looking, but there doesn't seem to be anything that does what I need, other than Amtelco's built in recording plugin which they've quoted at over $12k.