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This is a sub-selection from For the life of me...

So many years to clean the slate
Loyalton, CA
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Re: For the life of me...

The quality of service in Sierra and Plumas Counties is a very different story. My issues appear to be extremely common among customers in these areas.

As for my PC, it's a decent gaming machine running at 2.67GHz, with 4 GB RAM. I don't see what that has to do with anything, though, since none of my complaints related to slow computer or browser performance. I imagine most visitors here are educated enough to know the difference, unlike the average user you encounter in your work.

When the connection puts up appalling results in ping/speed/QoS tests, can't run a game without lag and connection errors, constantly buffers during videos, loads a basic web page slower than 56k, or ceases connectivity outright (yellow exclamation point over network icon), I think it's evident that our computers aren't at fault. That's another nice excuse for their "techs" to pull, though.

Suppose we should just cancel, but satellite is the only alternative here thus far, and that's even worse.
This is a sub-selection from For the life of me...