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Charlotte, NC

videocalling upload and download speeds...

Hello Forum,
I am trying to set up a high-definition video call using a 40 inch screen and a surveillance, wide angle camera....
My understanding is that both the upload speed is as important as the download speed, since I am going to send information and not just receive it...
Also, it seems to me that a 40 inch screen and a high def camera like a wide angle will require a lot of bandwidth.....

Do you think I need an upload speed as large as 1 Mbps?

Does video-calling operate on video streaming concept does it have nothing to do with it? Is there always some delay in the communication or can it be real-time?

I understand that video streaming means that we can start watching a video or listening to music while it is being downloaded. We don't need to completely download the video/music beforehand....

thanks for any help,


United State
It depends greatly based on what Video codec, compression, and hardware your using between the two. You need to provide/get more information to calculate how much you will need.

Here is one example that attempts to calculate it for you...