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Steve B
Seattle, WA
reply to hello123454

Re: Unreal...

said by hello123454:

The $10 fee was originally for 4G devices to provide a "rich data experience"..

It sounds like Sprint held out as long as they could to prevent going to caps and instead just charge an extra $10 / month in place to keep everything unlimited.

Just because I have a smart phone doesn't mean I use a lot of data.

My only qualm with all of this is that they have given a variety of reasons for the original $10 fee.

If they came out in the beginning and imposed this on all 3g/4g smart phones I wouldn't have an issue.

That was the point I was trying to make in one of my posts above. First the fee was for this...now they're saying its for that. I'm in agreement with Karl. I also believe they're doing it "just because they can".

My views are my own.

I don't agree they're doing it just because they can.. I believe they're doing it knowing they can't, but who's got the time and money to fight them?


reply to Steve B

Yes, I was told the additional $10/month per EVO 4G was for the Rich data experience" that can be experienced especially using the 4G network-Oops, there is no 4G network capability for me so I have to pay for a ferrari with three wheels. Yeah its capable of going 200 mph plus but with only three wheels you'll never be able to experience that 200 mph. Mind you their plan is still less than AT&T or Verizon. I just would like them to be upfront and honest (gasp do I suggest mortal sin from a provider?) and actually say that the plan is 10.00 more than they advertise. Their "rich data experience" is nothing but a horse crap revenue enhancement scheme to date as I could have received the same exact experience using a 3G phone with out the premium price of their 4G phone.