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Clovis, CA

Really Sprint?

As of now I have no reason to have Sprint. I switched from AT&T (had Verizon for many years prior to that) simply because the price gouging was pathetic. $180/mo for 2 iPhones? Please.

Now for a Palm Pre and a EVO I'm looking at $149 + insurance and taxes? The Pre doesn't even use data other than Google Maps from time to time.

My views are my own.
I hate to tell you but you'll always have a reason to not have what ever carrier you have. You don't think verizon will jack their prices? or AT&T will pull some stunt, again?

One of the biggest issues is that people look at what they pay per month for a phone, and not a much larger period, such as 12 or actually the 24 month period. People don't always take into account what they pay to get the phone, the monthly service for the services offered AND any ETF they end up paying to leave early when that happens.

And still, you're not looking at ANYTHING different. You can't base anything based on the equipment you just stated unless you're going to buy a new Pre as the EVO is already charged $10 and the pre remains where it's at unless or until you swap that phone, outside of a warranty/insurance swap.

I also do agree that the iPhone is way too pricey, as well as androids and blackberry phones. In all honesty, the price of PCS is just way too high anyway.