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Chandler, TX
reply to ChandlerTX6

Re: response to CenturyLink outages

They always quote me that Sep 1st date... but the problems for me actually started in July. Maybe Sep is when they finally admitted it there at home office.

I suspect it's a good thing they're actually giving dates now... since for the last 6 months it was always 'there's no ETA' (i.e. they arent even trying to fix it). But even if I knew 100% sure it'd be fixed in May, I wouldn't wait that long. February, maybe...


Kaufman, TX
Well it was publicly said mid Feb. but guess what?!!?? Its Feb. 24th and i've seen one decent week which was last week of being able to do anything. I reported them to the BBB which they have a great score somehow. They responded back that the problem would be fixed within the next 30 days. When you call tech support to get your monthly credit, they say May 1st. Ultimate runaround. Is it really that hard to add more trunks in or whatever? Is this some multimillion dollar task that is not worth doing? Why did they even let it get this far in the first place do they not have people watch for over selling? So many questions and not one truthful answer.
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