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New York, NY
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Re: Lol...

said by jmn1207:

I only tested my signal in various spots and did a quick speed test on the other side of the building. Where my office is located, I get a very stable, fast connection.

Well, when I got to that area where outdoor was available and indoor wasn't, I was indoors, as I expected, and tried to connect.

What happened was that the modem went crazy. It kept switching between Searching for Networks and No Networks Found. It never even got close to connecting. Perhaps that is typical behavior when one is an outdoor only 4G coverage area and one isn't outdoors.

What was more disturbing and surprising was what happened when I got back to my apartment, this rock-steady and fast 4G connection that I've had since November 8th. It looks like the modem has been either permanently or temporarily traumatized by the experience in the outdoor area. It's taking forever to connect, the download speeds sometimes drop from 10 mbps to 4 mbps right in front of my eyes over a 1- to 2-minute period, I had the connection actually drop on me an hour after I started using it, and once it even said it had connected but I couldn't get any connectivity. Really weird.

Could the modem have gotten screwed up by some information it collected at that other outdoor only coverage area? Is it conceivable that a tower can be configured in such a manner that it can screw up a modem's subsequent ability to connect even to towers with which it has previously had no problems?