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reply to Fishie

Re: Avoidance of Class Action Lawsuit

said by Fishie:

I suspect they are doing this to avoid a class action lawsuit from users that are paying the extra 4G charge with no 4G service in their area. Sprint is being a little sneaky announcing the rate hike right before their and HP's announcement of upcoming products at the beginning of February. I will definitely be re-thinking my carrier options since my contract is up.

Based on this post, alone.. you should find another provider and realize that no matter where you go you're going to have something to complain about.

There is absolutely no grounds to a class action law suit on 4G phone users getting charged extra for data that's not in their area. That notion is TOTALLY absurd! I suppose that before 4G was available here, I could buy an EVO, avoid the 4G data plan and still get to use it when I travel though areas that DO have 4G? I guess that would negate the fact that the very devices we're talking about is called a MOBILE phone.

I think your idea/notion would be more appropriate if Verizon was charging DSL customers a "Premium FiOS fee" when they didn't have fiber nor was it available to their home. THEN you'd have a point.