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·Time Warner Cable
reply to viperm

Re: Screw that

said by viperm:

WTF! stupid usb EVDO card barely does dialup anymore and they want to jack my prices on that and our 20 blackberries I dont think so!

I had to litterly look for an open WIFI signal in a rural area to fix a emergency network issue. I had full bars on the USB evdo card yet could barley surf I finallygave up after 30 min.

Even in meteropolitan areas full bars and you cant even run thier own damn speed test included on the new software they pushed out!

that's because stupid people keep running seedtest all day long

"Oh look at me I have mobile broadband" then make a post on dslr,myspace,facebook etc....

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
Ohh yea thats it! Its what I do to try and diagnose a problem First run a speed test to see if you are getting what you pay for. Then you call in and start the process of talking to support.

I bet your the kind of goofball who just calls and berates someone becuase your DSL connection is tapped out and slow because of all the torrents your running and sit and complain why your connection is slow!..

We see idiots like this all day long we RUN an ISP and know how to properly run a network. We see this kind of crap all day long.

This issue with srpint has been ongoing and I am betting thye have peopel trhottled to force them into thier new crap saying nothing is wrong nothing we can do BUT hey we have this NEW 4 g stuff that works 10 times faster! OHH but of course you will have to pay more and buy a new usb device..
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