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Palmdale, CA
reply to hoyleysox

Re: Antonovich: LA's Tab For Illegal Immigration > $1Billion

said by hoyleysox:

said by cmaenginsb1:

So if Idaho Falls is able to function economically without a large population of illegals, why can't the rest of us?

Perhaps it would function "better" with a higher population. Residents might have more purchasing power for their $.

Did you miss this part of my post?
pricing wasn't much different then CA, in fact in many places it was cheaper.

Compared to everything across the board with the except of real estate pricing they already had the same or better purchasing power then a resident of the city of LA. Real estate prices were quite a bit lower so for the single biggest purchase a person might make, they already have more purchasing power.

The difference is there isn't a lot of competition between employers for employees so wages are depressed.