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Hilo, HI
reply to daveinpoway

Re: FCC & SamKnows

said by daveinpoway:

I recall (from your posts in the Security forum) that you use all sorts of programs for security/privacy. Is there some chance that one or more of these is preventing the Netgear router from working for you? Almost certainly, this router was designed for a "typical" customer who uses only anti-virus/anti-spyware, runs Windows natively (no virtual machines) and uses a modern browser (such as IE8). If you were to set up like this, quite possibly at least some of the Netgear's problems would vanish.

Pretty much 100% probable that the Netgear designers never even considered that one of their customers would be using the programs that you do, so no testing would have been done to see how these programs affect the router's operation.

No, I only use Avira Personal antivirus version 8 and ProcessGuard. For the rare occasion that I need to use IE6 I have Spyware Blaster kept up to date but all that does is set the killbit on nasty Active X programs. It does not run in real time. The Proxomitron provides some security (it blocks some iframes, etc) but is not really a security application per se. I think folks must ASSUME I have tons of security programs because I don't get malware.

Netgear did not design the firmware as the router uses SPECIAL SK firmware so it can run these tests. I have had ZERO problems with my Linsky with the exception of the password bug after enabling UPnP and the DHCP problems all the earlier Linksy routers have. The Linksy though doesn't have extraneous junk attached like this Netgear does. Plus, the Netgear settings page is a huge hodgepodge of stuff all thrown together without apparent rhyme or reason. Plus, way too much extraneous stuff that certainly isn't needed for FCC tests. We should have been given a small device to attach to our current routers that does the tests or software similar to Visualware's MySpeed Advanced (now MyConnection Advanced) that I own and let that do the tests. Visualware can set a specific server of theirs to do all sorts of sophisticated tests on my connection. THEY set up the server ....I don't. The tests MySpeed Advanced does are much more than just download and upload speed and SK could have used some software like this and added tests for DNS servers, ping times, etc. Visualware's tests are highly sophisticated and their sofare runs fine on my XP. Plus, I can access my tests on their server, etc.
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