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Charlotte, NC

atm technology...

I have tried to understand what atm (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is...it involves fixed size cells and is very suitable for real time applications....

Does ATM play the same type of role that TCP/IP plays?

Is ATM very used? Who uses it? The telco carriers on they big, large bandwidth trunks?

Can the ATM technique work for a small LAN, like a company? Why would a small company choose to implement ATM?

In general, in telecommunications, what is the main difference between asynchronous and synchronous technologies? which one is better? For instance, in fiber optics, there is this standard called SONET where S stands for synchronous...why synchronous in one case and asynchronous in others?

I just got a book on telecommunications. All the buzzwords and types of protocols are confusing me a little bit....I guess they are all necessary since so many different type of data traffic are traveling on the internet, and each one needs its rules....