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Burlington, ON
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Netflix US catalogue to my Canadian home

I currently have the disappointing Netflix catalogue for us canadiens. My american friend showed me his available selection and I was INCREDIBLY SHOCKED at how much content I am missing. I really can't stand that Netflix is offering what seems like 1% of their content to canadiens, and charging the exact same price.

Now the reason for my post; I want to purchase an American Netflix account, and an American Netflix Proxy so I can stream the amazing American catalogue to my Canadian home.

I assume what I'll need is:
1. An American credit card (I'm assuming my Canadian banks offer US cards)
2. An American billing address (I have a relative and friends who live in the US, but wouldn't want to burden them with anything if mail is actually delivered - which they don't for Canadian service so far)
3. Find an American proxy that is affordable and reliable (speed and bandwidth)
4. Steps for setting this up (I'm very technical, but could always use help)

Does anyone have any experience doing this? Or knowledge of the related areas that I'll have to work with?

Thanks all!!!

Lone Wolf
Hope this helps:

» ··· ideo-ca/

Many Canadians were extremely excited this fall when Netflix finally launched its service north of the border. Hundreds of thousands jumped online, signed up and sat back to watch streaming movies on their TV. Then they realizedthe selection was abysmal. Basic Instinct, The Blair Witch Project and Open Water were some of the best movies under new releases. No word of a lie. And while selection has somewhat improved, Canadian content providers are standing in the way of Netflix acquiring rights for better content.

While tinkering with ways to mask ones IP address, The Review Crew stumbled upon a Canadian start-up called The website claimed to offer a service which allows Canadians to access the American version of Netflix.

Alfred, ME
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reply to spikernum1
Just use a VPN service, not a proxy which likely wont have the bandwidth you need. It is a couple of bucks a month.

As for the American address and credit card, I am not sure how that works with netflix. Doesnt it boot you over to the right service during sign up based on IP address? I would try to sign up through your VPN connection and see if that helps. I would be interested in the results of that.

Also, it isnt netflix fault about your lack of selection. It has more to do with the content owners and there BS policies and restrictions.
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Burlington, ON
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·Cogeco Cable
Sorry, I didn't mean I am disappointed in Netflix because they offer a crappy catalogue. I'm disappointed in the catalogue that Netflix has to work with, and I'm pised that Netflix would continue to charge canadiens the same price for 1% of the US catalogue.

Hi there
Lachine, QC
Yeah, but they need to pay separately for licenses, and thanks to our really nice Canadian rights group, they're a lot more stingy and expensive here, most other companies do not even want to bother entering Canada until the rights group starts making more reasonable demands. Netflix has no choice but to have those prices in order to be able to acquire all the licenses. And besides, comparing to everything else we have available, it's still a bargain...