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Sprint 3g on blackberry 9330 .Will I get charged for usage?

Hi .
I own a blackberry 9330.
I have the Everything Data BlackBerry 450 $69.99 plan.
I had downloaded the blackberry desktop software and I would like to try to connect to the sprint internet.
upon me clicking tools>start mobile internet option the program had warned me that I may get charged for the service.

Does my plan include this usage?
Would I be able to connect at all?

Going Nucking Futs

Chicago, IL

That's pretty much a default warning, basically stating that if you don't have data service you are going to get charged. Now if you are tethering, that is a different story.

You should be able to browse the web on your phone itself. If you are trying to tether, there is possibly an extra plan for tethering.