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Lexington, KY

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[Connectivity] 50.0 Strange Problem - Lexington, KY

I had my service upgraded to 50.0 in late December. Worked great for a week. Then all of a sudden, the new insight modem wouldn't sync. (flashing upstream light would not go solid)

Insight promptly sent a tech out the next day. He checked everything in my house, out to the underground service box. No problems on my end. He was on the phone with their office for about 3 hours, and they escalated and tried several things.

Finally, the tech had them set my service back to 20.0 and the modem synched up immediately. Since it was the weekend, they just left me at 20.0 and said they would work on it on Monday. That the problem must be with some setting on the office side of things with the new service tier.

On Monday morning, a tech shows up at my house, and tells my wife they have fixed my problem. And he wants to test out my system and make sure everything is working at 50 meg. Everything was fine, and he left (I was not at home, so didn't get to talk with him).

50 meg works great for 3 weeks until 7pm this evening. All of a sudden the modem won't sync again (flashing upstream light again).

So I called insight and they checked a few things, but couldn't see anything wrong. So I told the tech about the previous issue. He set my service back to 20 meg (again), and it synched up immediately. Of course insight has to send a tech out again (even though the problem is not on my end).

Seems to be some problem on the insight side of things, and the new 50 meg service. Just wondering if anyone else may be having this problem?

Thanks in advance

Shelbyville, KY
I haven't really had any problems with my service since we got it, I think were going on two months now. Does the problem seem to correspond with weather, specific time of day, anything like that?

Also what are your signal strengths and SNR on the modem when this problem presents? Sounds like it could be some type of interference that insight might be dealing with on their lines, but that is only speculation.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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In a I am having connectivity problems with the 50.0 service. I have had the up graded service for about three weeks now sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, for instance every afternoon to evening my speeds drop below 8 MB that's correct between 5 and 8 MB so I called insight they sent out a service technician who was a contractor from a different company on three different occasions.
so they changed out my modem and router.
that did not resolve the problem I am totally convinced that these contractors really don't know what they are doing. Also they can't do any work at the nodes to resolve connectivity issues.
50.o sounds good if they could deliver, good luck I think I just may go back to 20.0


look at my speed

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said by terrance :

look at my speed

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Lexington, KY
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Did Insight ever resolve your issue? I've had 50.0 since early February and it has never worked right. The modem is constantly restarting and not connecting, just flashing the upstream light. Insight has sent 6+ techs out over the past month and they still haven't fixed it.

There are have been times where I was down for days:-( I figured if they could fix yours, I would stick with the 50.0. Otherwise I think I may go back to my 20.0. Had that since it was released and it never went down...


Have a nice day.
New Albany, IN
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Your not alone I'm having the same issue with my 30.0 service.

Check your modems Diagnostics page.
I've been having two out of three channels drop-out.

I believe it's Insight's network having problems.
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Lexington, KY
reply to gswilder
Glad i'm not the only one. I was down again for 2 hours today. They are sending out another tech tomorrow. Not sure what else they can do... In my case the Return Power keeps spiking above 52(something like that). And I guess after 5 or so times it causes the router to reset. And at times it just sits above 52, like my 2 hour outtage this morning...

I like the speed, but I don't know how much longer I can wait for them to figure this out...
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