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Costa Mesa, CA

Speakeasy Tech Support - Not impressive

I have been a Speakeasy home customer since March 15, 2004 and been very happy with the technical support and willing to pay a premium for this.

Recently I logged into my speakeasy account from home via the one static IP address assigned to me. I requested that a specific speakeasy email address be deleted - in the pre-buyout days this would have been completed within an hour without further inrtervention on my part. Got a reply that I need to call into the MegaPath 800-556-5829 support line for security purposes. Via the phone registered with Speakeasy I called into tech support tonight and spent 34 minutes 5 seconds to resolve this situation. The tech support person who was very polite (and has worked for MegaPath - I asked) did not know why my request had been flagged - he had to talk with his team members - apparently even if one logs into ones account from a Speakeasy assigned static IP address and makes a request to change anything one has to call into the 800 tech support number. This tech support person does not think that MegaPath logs IP addresses when one accesses their account. Impressive.

When I have a real tech support issue, I do not want to deal with the MegaPath Tech Support. Times change. Time to move on.

MegaPath Dan

Saint John, NB

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Hello cahill,

Thank you for choosing Speakeasy, now a MegaPath brand. I apologize on behalf of MegaPath for the inconvenience with this issue and we hope it didn't affect you too greatly.

Please understand that MegaPath has much more strict PCI compliance then Speakeasy used to have, that's why it gets your requests flagged. Please also understand that we're switching over and all MegaPath techs are currently being trained in Speakeasy and vice-versa and the techs may not be completely comfortable with the software yet as most of them are freshly out of training. In fact: MegaPath does log your IP addresses as we are still using most of Speakeasy's CFI. Apologies if you were misinformed.

I hope this experience will not hinder your views on MegaPath and we humbly ask you to forgive us for this incident.

Thank you,

MegaPath Technical Support Tier 2