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Virginia Beach, VA

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Apple Air Port Extreme: Port forwarding with Windows 7

I am trying to forward some ports so that I can host games in Warcraft III using the router listed in the topic. I am running windows 7. I have downloaded the AirPort Extreme Admin Utility, and have attempted to forward the port using the Private IP provided by the ipconfig command and listing the port twice (once under "Private Port" and once under "Public Port"), but when I test to see if the port is open (using various websites provided by google), the port times out. When I try other ports, the tests come back immediately with "Closed," as expected, so I am confident that the tests are working as intended, and that it is a problem on my end.

Something that I noticed which seemed out of the ordinary is that when I run the admin utility, it shows my router on the list, but it has the wrong ip listed, and if I try to access the router using that listing, it fails to connect. In order to access the router, I have to click "Other" and type in the Default Gateway ip provided by the ipconfig command in the command prompt (in addition to the password, of course). This condition persists even after performing a factory reset of the router.

Another interesting note is that when I turn Windows Firewall off, the ports that I am trying to open appear closed. When I turn the Firewall on, the ports that I am trying to open time out, but all of the other ports remain closed.