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freedom land

Wireless Satellite Internet, hahaha

With the launch of the ViaSat 1 with 140Gbps capacity (in service maybe late 2011 if it don't get dropped again) and
Hughesnet Jupiter(?Gbps) for launch in 2012, then sure the country will have 98% coverage with high speed(other than 600ms+ lag times).

But if a satellite(or two) dies or has a electrical failure, future millions could be without high speed(just over 1 million 'residential' users are now on Hughesnet and WildBlue combined), unlike if a fiber optic line or copper gets cut and can be repaired within a couple of days.
And Satellite Caps are so low until the 2 new high throughput satellites get in service, with hopes of higher caps for video streaming.

Satellite is a bandaid for people who live far from any townsite. But the Telco's and Cableco's keep suing small towns that try to put in their own fiber to the home, since the Cablesco's and Telco's refuse to spend anything above a small portion of the billions of dollars of profits that mergers and tax free incentives have given them.

Canada isn't much better off, but at least towns have the option to get high speed wireline if they are very aggressive to get a government subsidy for the Telco to add in DSL. Otherwise they are stuck with wireless providers that can't keep up with the bandwidth needed for the modern Internet of video's and cat pictures. And the coming low caps will kill some Internet video sites, of movies and TV(to prevent cable cutters and to keep the expensive movie ticket alive).
Consumer Rights is more than just a suggestion.