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reply to mitsu06mr

Re: Mr. President you are a joke.

said by mitsu06mr:

Nice lets not face the fact that our economy and states are falling apart. Lets think about giving everyone Internet and or wireless broadband!

States are falling apart due to so much hate in some republicans minds. They can't stand to see anyone getting services back from the government for the small amount of taxes that they pay. Other countries give all sorts of perks of life and the people enjoy life, instead of misspelling signs, of hate.
GE did not even pay taxes in the U.S. for a few years for not making any money, yet made billions overseas. Creative accounting that is endorsed by the republicans.

So how smart or dumb is peoples particular state.


united state

That chart is flawed, you're telling me that Detroit, MI is higher ranked than Phoenix, AZ. I'm from MI and I'm pretty sure Detroit is much, much worse than Phoenix


reply to trollaway

Exactly! And these big telcos better watch out. Wiki Leaks may expose them for their tax evasion ways. There are a ton of US based businesses who benefited from the Bush Era "no regulation," like: Target, Vons (Safeway) and counteless others who have used loopholes to avoid paying taxes and stash $$$ out of the country. This wll all come to light really really soon and will be a huge embarrassment to the GOP who is in the pay of Big Corporatons.

I'm not for too much regulation as it can stifle business growth. However despite all the whining US based industries like Wall Street, The Housing Market and Big Oil have proven what happens when you let the crooks play: Corruption, worst recession ever since the GD and the worst most expensive oil spill in our history.

Bush tax cuts to the rich didn't create jobs either. They got lots of money, free reign to do as they pleased while this plunged our country into darkness.

Now the GOP (the Tea Party's bitch) is trying to come across as financially conservative while blaming the 2 year President for all the countries woes. We gave them 8 years of our time with Bush but they forget that.

Today they still don't have any real solutions. Their motto is just cut cut cut for any program that benefits the middle class or poor while giving their rich Wall Street friends $400 billion in tax breaks.