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Glen Carbon, IL
reply to patcat88

Re: USA already has 100% coverage

said by patcat88:

With Wildblue and Iridium we already have 100 % cellphone and broadband coverage in the USA.

     Wildblue doesn't satisfy the already below meager FCC definition of 4Mbps/1Mbps, even on their top tier, which is 1.5Mbps/256K for $80/mo. and a two year contract.  I'm not even going to touch on their obscenely low caps of 17GB/mo. (again on the top tier).

     As far as Iridium is concerned, I've never heard of anyone placing satellite phone service in the same category as traditional mobile phones.

     Satellite phones remain a strictly niche service for those who must have phone service and absolutely no other option exists.  When it costs someone $9/min. to call such a phone, you will use any other possible alternative if one exists.  For this reason, you only use satellite phones in third world countries, aircraft, or ships at sea.  It's also considered an international call, since satellite phone companies get their own country codes.

     I get the $9/min. figure based on what AT&T charges a POTS customer.  I've seen rates between $6 and $14/min., but even at $6 you will seek out any other possible alternative.