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Brooklyn, NY
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pipe dream

over 90% of the proposals & jolly talk seemed to come with NO REAL ways to pay for it...

suddenly: wireless gets ubiquitous & dirt cheap
suddenly: biogasoline & alternative fuels become mass produced & lower the cost at the pump
suddenly: governments spend less & cut bureaucracies across 100% of government departments

reality: punt for 2012, soundbites for re-election campaign.. running on "win the future".. more like win the next election cycle. reality is more like sell out the future to the greediest & biggest special coroporate interests.

in wireless telecom that's AT&T, VERIZON. Tmobile & Sprint have too little market share to be significant competitiors. 85% of the MVNO operators resell the at&t verizon service. You dont' see Sprint & Tmobile reselling prepaid wireless for 3 cents/minute (inclusive of taxes & fees) and under $30 a month unlimited.


united state
How can you say that? Have you seen the budget yet?

Didn't think so. Neither have I.

Part of the plan (if you listened) was to eventually kill the $400 billion in free tax giveaways to the wealthiest, cut out non-essential outdated programs etc.

We all have to work together on this. Again if one side of the govt. is just going to continue to be the "party of no," then nothing wil get accomplished. It's going to take sacrifice on all sides (yours/mine). It's obvious the President has moved to the center away from his Leftist roots to make comprimises with the other side. But it takes two.

Saybrook, IL
I sure did love that Robin Hood story didn't you? Tax "Giveaways"?? Are you kidding me? It's my money, I earned in the first place. The ONLY!!!!! Reason we get taxed in the first place is so THEY can spend it. And they can't even do that right.

I EARNED IT. AND I WANT TO KEEP IT. Tax Give-away? More like Government theft.

reply to airtouch25
said by airtouch25:

How can you say that? Have you seen the budget yet?

Didn't think so. Neither have I.

No offense, but the Congress has run our government for the last few years without a budget. Republicans are going to pretend to make a budget, and pretend to cut it. Obama, Pelosi and Reid were very happy not to have a budget. At least this year, we'll get to see an actual budget to complain about.

I'm 100% positive based on history that it will be nonsense, and it doesn't matter which party is in power. However it will be nice to have something to laugh at.
"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."

My views are my own.
reply to airtouch25
400 billion? That's chump change.

The problem is the Federal Reserve banks, and HAS BEEN since 1938.

This has NOTHING to do with the Republicans being a party of no or the Democrats wanting to be a nanny to everyone.. you really have your sights set on the same smoke and mirror distraction going on for decades.. the mere fact that we even focus on a PARTY over issues and little things like facts and reality is one of the biggest problems with thinking.

You want to know where the problems are? Follow the money - it's very simple to see which front door the trail leads to.. we just need to open the door and look inside. The Federal Reserve bank needs to be cracked open and audited - we almost got there too but the bill failed.. Why in the WORLD would a bill to audit a financial god fail?? why would ANY representation NOT want to see what's going on with the core of our financial system?

Think about it.