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I giggled
reply to Davesnothere

Re: NetFlix's Reaction to 2011-44

said by Davesnothere:

NETFLIX Finally Wakes Up & Weighs In !

» ··· 229.html

In a letter to investors, he said it costs ISPs about a penny per gigabyte of data traffic — and that cost is decreasing. He said overage data charged at $1 per gigabyte is "grossly overpriced." Meanwhile, Canada's largest ISP's typically charge twice that amount and sometimes more.

"Hopefully we can work with the different consumer groups and providers and get a better costing structure," Hastings said in the conference call, "more in the one-penny range or (plans) bundled in with a much higher cap."

hehe Bell will set Mr. Hastings straight and show him a gig is really 4.50$ and that the wild and crazy low price of 2.50$/gig is a great deal!

It's clear to me Mr. Hastings does not realize the true cost on internal B/W before it even hits the internet.