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My views are my own.
reply to mitsu06mr

Re: Mr. President you are a joke.

Maybe if the Government would finally hold the Federal Reserve accountable for their actions (By the way, the FEDERAL reserve is no more FEDERAL than FedEx is) then maybe this smoke and mirror game that Washington DC will finally come to an end.

The economy is falling apart, as planned. Money doesn't disappear into thing air - it's still there,.. it's just that the Federal Reserve has been playing a game of "build 'em up and knock 'em down" since 1938.

By the way, Facebook is nothing more than the most incredible source of information voluntarily offered up by people in one central depository for access by any governmental agency at anytime. It's just amazing how fast what is said on Faceook has become admissible in court so much more over that of text messaging and instant messaging. Sadly, the sheep of American continue to feed into what IS "big brother".. (its not to say that Facebook was created by the governments, however, it's certainly got their attention - one just has to follow the facebook-effect)

Any by the way - the United States is already bankrupt. The Federal government will most likely, and soon, create a law that will allow the fed to take states into receivership. I think people give this country too much credit and are FAR too complacent when it comes to what's going on around them. The country is at a major tipping point and IS very much capable of collapse - yet most people don't care. Most people in this country ESPECIALLY the young will continue to walk around with their heads in the cloud (yes, the internet cloud) posting mindless crap on facebook, putting their hand out to the nanny state for 'their fair share' (which I've yet to understand what they think is theirs to have) all while being all too worried about why they don't have the fastest fiber internet connection in their home, and all the unlimited next-gen mobile data they can waste in the palm of their hand for next to nothing.

Grow up people - it's time to see the world with out the rose colored glasses.

That moron's speech last night was a complete waste of 62 minutes of our time and patronized most every American watching it. It was an ill-crafted attempt to sooth the pulse of American starting with the whole "we're on a date" crap in the congress to the sob open line about the VP and the Speaker (aka, the Crybaby) to the continued bastardization of what the State of the Union Address is really for. He was up there campaigning for his 2012 election more than any other 1st term President I've ever seen in my time.