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My views are my own.
reply to tman852

Re: Mr. President you are a joke.

People continually complain that the government fails at what it does, which it fails very well. People complain that companies are out for nothing but profit, which they are.

So far so good? ... because these are both very true statements.

What is ALWAYS left out of the equation is the consumer/citizen. There is a third aspect to these arguments - that's the lazy and un-motivated individual who will not sacrifice and make a stand for what they believe in TO enact a change.

To be a PART of the process and not a victim of it, people HAVE to be willing to organize, they have to be willing to do with out, and they have to STOP falling for every game played by either.

Companies continue to lie to the consumer yet the consumer continues to buy all while saying "I don't have a choice" - Yes, you do! However, most people don't make the choice to do with out! .. it doesn't take long to go with out.

Government continues to pick the pockets of the people and pass illegal laws, yet the voters CONTINUE to put these people back in. They continue to not organize and judging by the voter turn out in this country, the majority of people have proven they can't be bothered - thus, this gives the government the ability to run unchecked. Your grandparents, great grand parents, and great great grandparents would be INCREDIBLY ashamed of those people. THESE generations understood the need to sacrifice and the need to fight.. today's generation is lazy, under-educated, selfish, greedy, and un-motivated.

ANYONE that chooses to respond to this post needs to be ready to prove why this is wrong or please don't bother. The final fact that I will state before posting this is that people are also GREATLY in denial, which if you ask me is THE biggest problem today. No one wants to face the reality and truth. .. people around here just want free or cheap internet, video, and communication services and could really care less about anyone else all while THINKING and making themselves BELIEVE that they do.