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My views are my own.
reply to Noah Vail

Re: Media = Corporations = Government = Press = Media

.. did you catch the part where he talks about the Sputnik moment and all? ..yet he's pretty much killing NASA. The space program has landed us MANY of our innovations going on for the past several decades.. it's why we HAVE cable and satellite TV.. it's WHY we have little things in our cars telling us where to take that left turn.. and it's why we have the ability to predict weather, and even some of our advances in health care. We owe a LOT to that program, and he thinks its not worth while, and then bases much of his feel-good statements on it.

The man is an idiot.

Just like the conditions of the Comcast/NBC merger happening as a matter of fact anyway, so will many of the things Nobama promised would happen last night - and he'll sit back and take the credit when they happen on their own naturally.

Obama and Queen Pelosi and the rest spent the last two years writing into the THE biggest tax reform in history, and called it health care reform,.. WAY out-did GW in spending in his 8 years, in just 2.. and continues to push this country into ruin.. and he sits there last night telling everyone how he's going to fix it..

... only instead of "spending".. we're now "investing".. funny, still, 82% of Americans on all sides of the political spectrum see that "investing" really is nothing more than more spending.