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Yep, sounds a lot like late 90s dot com style talk of information superhighways and how our lives are gonna be totally changed. The big things IMHO that show that we are in the future are cell phones, instant publication and distribution of entertainment goods /public notices /records, digital photography, and e-commerce.

As an example of how the internet is not magic: A recent law passed by Congress was printed out and brought along by an aide during Obama's vacation to Hawaii. Apparently they couldn't have just downloaded, printed, signed, and certified the law there instead of jetting a stack of paper.

The burning building problem isn't completely solvable. A few years ago, some firefighters died when they got trapped running for a exit that had been walled up years ago and the business had not updated the records. Records, even electronic ones, will never be totally accurate (even with inspections, fines, and criminal charges).

I don't know why we haven't implemented internet voting yet. Have each citizen get a public key certificate notarized by a national CA. They could use this for other government services in lieu of traditional ID.