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This is a sub-selection from Not sure what all the fuss is about


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Re: Not sure what all the fuss is about

That's great but check back in a year when they reduce that 250GB a month down to 10GB with $10 per GB overage charge. We need to look at the big picture of what they'll pull down the road rather than what we have today right now.

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
Netflix is still the best deal with the discs by mail and streaming. I can still watch my 1 m or 2 movies every other day or so and do everything else and be under 100GB but I still do not like the fact that now I have a cap. And what will happen next year as we use the internet more and more? Even a lower cap? Was/is there a cap on how many phone calls you can make because the phone lines can't handle it?
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