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how long?

My daughter is moving back to the area and considering Comcast. How long does it usually take to get install and what is the best way to sign up?

She said she saw some very busy reps at Best Buy TV department as well as the mall at a cart. Just from reading here, I get the sense Verizon sales folks often make promises they can't match in person. Does Comcast have reps who do this too? I don't have knowledge or advice to offer. Maybe somebody here does? Thanks t


call the hotline. people have said they had issues with the best buy reps.

Comcast Guy

Harrisburg, PA
reply to truefan
If the reps are Comcast guys in the Best Buy, they can get her squared away and also offer some nice rebates as well ($150 for Triple Play, $75 for Double Play). Typically an install time will depend on what services are being installed or how busy the techs are in your area. Right now for basic Video/Internet installs it should just be a couple days if not next day possibly.


A mall Kiosk, no. Best Buy reps yes. Best Buy has in house reps (non vendor) and Comcast computer to setup and schedule a appt right in front of you. They also have exclusive access to the 150 dollar Gift card without a contract and 50 dollar install for triple and/or double plays.

She calls over the phone, no gift card, full install which is well over 100.

This info is accurate as I actually work in a best buy for Comcast. Not sure what state your in. If your IL feel free to stop by BB in Norridge.