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Re: SB5100 Is it still viable?

bru2, where are you located? I'm in Michigan. I turned in my Webstar last week since they upped the rental fee and plugged in an old 5100. My info:

Software Version: SB5100-
Hardware Version: 3
MIB Version: II
GUI Version: 1.0
VxWorks Version: 5.4

My friend had been using it on WOW for a few years before me. Not sure if they updated it then and have since stopped the updates, but there is a newer firmware version on WOW.



I'm in IL. What do you mean "a newer firmware version on WOW"?

WOW told me they do not provide firmware updates for the 5100 and AFAIK they haven't for quite a while. But yours does have more recent firmware.

Should I again ask them if they can push an upgrade?

I assume it is working good for you? Same speeds you were getting with the Webstar?