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Antioch, TN
reply to SpottedCat

Re: [Caps] Extreme 105 vs 250 Cap Residential in 2011

said by SpottedCat:

Does anyone know WHY they don't just scale the caps up with the speed?

Considering how much more you pay, you should get more out of it. They can put the extra money into upgrading the network to reduce that "congestion" they're so worried about! (which is really a non-issue since they have QoS)

Canadian ISP's do that, scale up caps with speed. Problem is you end up with them imposing the higher end of what we have now for the ultra high end packages, and then scaling down from there. For example - the $40 plans up there only give you 25GB a month. The $60 ones gives you up to 75GB, and from there it's something like $2 per GB over that.

If ISPs do start scaling caps along with speed they aren't going to go with 250GB as the base, they're going to put 250GB on the highest end, and screw everybody not on the top end tier. Isn't like we're talking about a high competition industry here.