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It's cool, I'm takin it back
Dallas, TX

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This could be easily explained

if AT&T had been let in on this. They can sniff the traffic through their network gateways, these same gateways are the ones that create the billing records that are batch processed.

I for one would love to see what traffic the device was sending. If the packets are inspected and captured, we would know right away what it was.

The consulting firm's "method" of just letting the phone sit for 10 days, isn't very scientific. I don't pretend to know the details of the iPhone operating system, but I also wouldn't assume that just because no applications were running, and no email account was configured that the phone wouldn't use a little but of data over 10 days. There's too many holes in their assertion to take it to lawsuit level, IMHO. First, the consulting firm doesn't even know if the phone sent or received data over these 10 days. If it did, they sure don't know what was sent, or if it was legitimate. If no data was sent, then what created the billing records in the AT&T data gateways?

Too many unanswered questions for me.

"To be sincere, you don't have to know anything, you just say whatever makes you feel good and spin and smug circles in your tiny fucked up little head, happy as long as you're true to yourself. In other words, Sincerity is bullshit!" -Penn Jillette


Schererville, IN
AT&T is in on it. You are claiming they never tested their own network or never test any phones being used on their network.

Every phone branded by AT&T is heavily tested on the network. AT&T would be testing everything like crazy. You have to in order to make the network reliable.

When these things are happened to a user, AT&T cannot play stupid. They probably made a decision somewhere to charge the user for internal data updates that have nothing to do with user generated traffic. And now it is going to bite them in the ass.

For all we know this phantom data is usage data that AT&T makes branded phones send to them so they can read user behavior to see how people use their phones.