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Austin, TX

This is exactly what's wrong with our civil justice system

These class action plaintiff lawyers are making a huge industry out of lawsuits. They don't WANT to know what the facts are. They simply want to create some kind of vaguely plausible case and hold up a large company for a settlement. Consumers? You get a cup of coffee, maybe.

Look at any daytime TV or some of the lower-class cable channels and you'll see an endless parade of ads asking you to call an 800 number because you could receive MONEY for being harmed by some product, drug, service, or medical procedure. This is getting to be a big economic force which is counter to innovation and competitiveness.

In this particular case, hey, we left the phone off for 10 days and it used less than 3 megabytes. This is less than 2% of even the smallest Grandma plan (200MB/month). Big, freaking, deal.

Yeah it should be researched to find out exactly what the data is. Chances are it'll be something innocuous. But, really, file a LAWSUIT over this? There needs to be tort reform across the board.

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bill and Opus

Cheyenne, WY
The best thing they could do is make the plaintiff bringing such a lawsuit pay all the legal bills if they loose the case this is the way it is in the UK If a trial lawyer now they will have to fork over big bucks if they loose it will really put a damper such things. You have all heard about the Taco Bell lawsuit.....give me a break so what if their filling is less the 35% beef are not the food police telling us to eat less red meat, come on.
I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's.
- Mark Twain in Eruption


San Jose, CA
Same with health insurance with denied coverage for individuals

They almost pay nothing except for visits and prescription (generic mostly). Will they pay for brain scan MRI? You bet, they will count you against fully deductible and out of pocket expenses before they cover. And if you are poor, even if you are healthy the best you can afford is high deductible health insurance plan with deductible as high as 5,000 sometimes more. Medicaid, give me a break that is bullshit with hole. They won't pay you unless your household earns so little that you live on cat food.

So now you get a new job and have health insurance. great but you have to wait 3 months or sometimes 6 months for full coverage to take effect and it often does not credit coverage from previous insurance if you had individual health insurance or in case of employer-sponsored group a break of more than 2 months.


reply to MyDogHsFleas
its the lawyers fault? perhaps if there was some decent consumer protection, there would be no need for lawyers.

Austin, TX
No it's not the lawyers' fault. They are acting rationally within the system that has been set up for torts in the civil courts. They are actually being entreprenurial. What I fault is the system itself for encouraging this behavior by lawyers.

And, it's not about "consumer protection" either, consumer protection advocates think lawsuits are just dandy ways to punish those bad corporations.

I think the answer is transparency, so that consumers can understand what they are getting for what they pay. And transparency has come a long way, fueled by the Internet. I mean, look at this site. It's very tough for an ISP or wireless provider to get away with much these days.