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Binghamton, NY

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Re: More Proof that All Data Plans with Overages Are Bad

said by Simba7:

I'm sure 3mbps * 300 1.25MHz channels (375MHz of Spectrum) = 900mbps.. Plus a GbE fiber backhaul and you could easily handle a decent number of users.

Which cellular company are you doing business with that has 375MHZ of spectrum in a market and the ability to devote ALL of that to data services?

said by Simba7:

Depending on where you live. Some places if you don't leave it trickle at night, you could end up with blown pipes due to them freezing.

Umm yeah, I live in Upstate New York. If your pipes freeze you have an insulation problem. My pipes are just fine down to -15 without leaving the tap on.